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KINDNESS...A simple act that can go completely unnoticed but can have a powerful life long effect. PERSEVERANCE.... when everything that could possibly go wrong, does,. Whatever the scale, and quitting seems to be the most logical rational solution . Perrseverance, the mystery element of human spiritualality makes the impossible - possible. EMOTION.... That aspect of humaness by which suffering can be all comsuming, or triumph so uplifting, its miraculous . TRAGEDY ... On a large scale is so gripping that there is no relief from it anywhere, and the memory of it is forever . Especially when it happens to the young participating in a wholesome sports activity that celebrates the very thrill of being alive. TRIUMPH ....over a decade of sustained victories guided by spiritual entities that were actively participating with the healing dynasty from the worst tragedy to total jubilation.

"Non-essential Personnel" by Gerald Sieber

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